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Home & Auto Insurance in Lakewood, WA and Tacoma, WA

Bundling Coverage for the Benefit of Residents and Drivers in the Extended Washington Community

Time is a valuable asset. Whether searching for a new home or teaching a teen to drive, our clients are always on the move. At Elliott Insurance Group, we are also constantly moving forward, striving to develop the most fitting insurance solutions for individuals and families in Lakewood, Tacoma, WA and surrounding Washington communities.

To efficiently protect your time and investment in insurance services, our agents typically suggest combining coverage with one insurance company to maximize savings and minimize gaps in coverage. Bundling homeowners and auto insurance coverages is specifically valuable, as a multiline policy can streamline service and provide premium discounts.

The Benefits Associated with Combining Home and Auto Policies

Due to our relationship with a variety of reputable insurance carriers, our agents can shop around to find the best value – combination of price and coverage – for the client. For our clientele, this translates into direct communication with a local agent, alongside a reliable and affordable insurance product.

Our close ties to insurance companies provides insight into how they operate. Although there are differences between carriers, a trait they all share is the value placed on your business. That value increases when they have the opportunity to plan for your investment across insurance products on a long-term basis.

Centralizing home and auto coverages under a single carrier displays this commitment. As a result, insurance companies dedicate discounted rates to insured clients with bundled polices. We have seen discounts as high as 20 percent for clients – although not all rates receive that level of reduction.

Additional coverage opportunities are also frequently granted with combined policies, such as:

· A guaranteed full-year policy term for your vehicle

· 24-hour customer and claim service

· Emergency lockout coverage

· Airbag replacement from accidental deployment

Along with the monetary costs, combined policies also save time. With multiple lines of coverage under one carrier, streamlined service can be received, specifically when it comes time for premium payments and renewals.

What You Can Expect From Us

Whether you purchase a new home or your child goes away to college, our staff is accessible to review coverage. Depending on the circumstance, it may be necessary to find a new insurance company, which we are able to administer by representing so many carriers.

For additional information on the process of bundling coverage, please contact an agent. To begin developing coverage, request a quote at your convenience.